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THE Graft™ is a natural, porous bone mineral matrix. It is produced by removal of all organic components from porcine bone. Due to its natural structure the anorganic bone mineral of THE Graft™ likens physical and chemical aspects of mineralized matrix of human bone. When packed into a bone defect, THE Graft™ gradually resorbs and is replaced with bone during the healing process. It is available in cancellous granules packaged in vial. THE Graft™ is sterilized using gamma irradiation.


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Non-resorbable PTFE membrane

PTFE Titanium reinforced membrane

Suture for dental implant surgery

Resorbable collagen membrane

Founded in 1999, Purgo Biologics strives to become one of the leading global companies in oral health care with its focus on safe biomaterials for soft tissue and bone regeneration. Based on the specialized experiences accumulated by our outstanding research personnel, Purgo Research and Development Center based in Seoul is thriving to become the best in the world, specifically in the expertise of oral biomaterials for soft tissue and bone regeneration. All members in Research and Development Center are pursuing the optimized technical developments with various clinical studies, cooperative research with the governments, clinicians and educational institutions.

The solutions manufactured by Purgo are gaining fame throughout the world and Purgo’solutions are widely accepted by global dentists from more than 30 countries.

Our production site is complying with the most international quality standards and regularly inspected by international agencies. Each production stage of our biologics solutions are controlled from the selection of the raw material to the final product.


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All members of Purgo, regardless of the positions, are passionate with a solid vision.

All the staffs are well trained and highly experienced to understand customer’s needs for clinically successful outcomes.

The professional staffs will find the optimal solutions for the customers’ demands.


Purgo is striving to thrive academically with continuous collaborative researches with educational institutions and hospitals, and are consistently publishing clinical papers in international relevant oral surgery journals.

Purgo has more than a hundred clinical case reports for the products, provided by renowned dentists with scientific and clinical evidences.


Sharing our thoughts and vision. Here you can read insights from our leaders and find out what makes us who we are.

Purgo Regen Congress 2020

Purgo Regen Congress 2020

15 October 2019

“Paradigm Evolutions in Bone Augmentation” Purgo Biologics Inc. strives to contribute to the development of the next stage of therapies in oral hard and soft tissues regeneration. Purgo Regen Congress will provide an outstanding forum to exchange ideas, and to learn about the latest research, techniques, and technologies in oral bone reconstruction. This Congress will focus … Read More

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THE Graft™

THE Graft™

29 July 2019

[Is 16 times insufficient? So it’s 100times!] Two comparative clinical research, comparing two prominent dental bone graft materials! A paper rather than a hundred of words. A total of 116 times of comparative clinical trials! So what about the results? Study 1 Alveolar ridge regeneration of damaged extraction sockets using deproteinized porcine versus bovine bone … Read More

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29 July 2019

Dates : June 11 – 12  2020. Place : Menton – France. GOLD SPONSOR. Syfac 9th meeting will take place in Menton, France on June 11-12, 2010 The SYFAC International meeting will cover all aspects of bone and tissue regeneration providing keys of long term success : on the one hand, the next generation of regenerative therapies … Read More

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