Non-resorbable PTFE membrane

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OpenTex™ Non-Resorbable PTFE Membrane is a pure medical-grade polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) sheet with inert biological features and predictable barrier effect. Due to the smooth surface and small pore size, OpenTex™ PTFE Membrane resists the incorporation of bacteria into its structure and eases the removal of the membrane.

OpenTex™ Main Features
OpenTex™ Benefits

• Precisions slim cut trianglar needle for small penetration area and smooth suturing

• Minimize damage to surrounding soft tissue

OpenTex™ Strenghts
1- Stability :

Non-resorbable PTFE Membrane offers enough healing time to bone regenerative process.

2- Biologically Inert :

PTFE is soft tissue friendly so it is ideal material as a barrier for bone regenerative process.

3- Withstands to exposure :

PTFE Membrane withstands to exposure since it is impervious to bacteria due to their barrier function.

Characteristics of OpenTex™
Impervious to Bacteria

Most of Oral Bacteria is larger than 1um. OpenTen™ is micro-porous material that has the pore size small enough to prevent bacterial infiltration.

Biocompatible, OpenTex™ facilitates cell adhesion on the surfaces.

Test performed shows that the surface of OpenTex™ is not toxic causing cells to adhere well on the surface.

Implantology 2018; 22(1): 2-11

Clinical Evaluation of Vertical Ridge Augmentation Using Titanium Reinforced PTFE membrane


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